22 February 2016


 I must apologies for my lack of content up on AdamBrian.com of late, I have been both extremely busy and away celebrating my sisters wedding! It was the most amazing long weekend away and I am so very happy for both my sister and her now husband. The amount of organisation and preparation was well worth it as it all turned out beautifully. Today I am keeping it fairly low key with a bit of meal prep for the week and a large amount of exercise to get me back on track before returning to work tomorrow ;)

2 February 2016

Bold Prints

At the best of times I avoid prints, unless it's a simple stripe! However lately I have been feeling that I should dabble in something a little more. I have had these particular pants in my wardrobe for quite sometime now and feel I have never really rocked them as much as I have wanted to. So in todays post it's all about creating a super cool and sleek look around that one particular piece you never really gave a go. Check out the AdamBrian instagram for more HERE!

26 January 2016

Australia Day!

After just one day of work so far this week it's already time for a day off. It's Australia Day of course, a perfect day to catch up with family & goods friends to reflect on just how lucky we are to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The weather definitely played a part in my outfit choice for the day, it was all about the shorts and muscle tee's for me, which worked out well as I just got my hands on these comfy as hell Arvust shorts.

20 January 2016


Doing things a little different this week. I'm up in Darwin putting my Visual Merchandising skills to the test while trying my best to stay out this crazy, humid weather that Darwin does so well. In todays post I'm wearing my favourite R.M. Williams boots as well as this killer pair of paisley embroidered shorts by the amazing team at Handsom. I'll be back in Melbourne town Friday night, willing and ready for a fun filled weekend ;)

13 January 2016

Back in Swing

After a great New Year's and even better 10 days of relaxation, I'm back into the swing of all things Visual Merchandising! I'm rather enjoying being back at work as I am one of those people that can get a little fidgety after more than a couple of days off in a row. Due to the hot weather here in Melbourne, I'm wearing very little including; Stolen Girlfriends Club sheer tee & Adidas slides!

6 January 2016

2016: A New Year

With a new year upon us it's always a great idea to take some time to sit back and reflect on the previous one, you know the one that just flashed before your very eyes? I have just done that by spending some time up in New South Wales, but now I am home and kicking back and enjoying my last few days off before returning to work! So, how am I spending these last couple of days? I am snapping up the last of the sales pieces form some of my favourite labels, including this Neuw shirt. Designed using a super light weight material and featuring a subtle rose print, this shirt is truly a summer staple.

27 December 2015

Xmas aftermath

Oh how I enjoy the festive season; from the weather, to the people, to the food! Which is exactly why I have quickly kicked my health regime back into gear. I have been eating super healthy for the past five to six months, along with exercising at least 5 times a week and the results have really paid off. So instead of falling off the wagon after a few beers and a yummy christmas lunch, I thought I would post about it in order to encourage both myself and others to keep kicking butt!