27 June 2014

Just do it!

What isn't to love about days off during the week, it's a chance to relax and unwind, but more importantly a great opportunity to get things done. Besides the joyful experience of cleaning the house, I have been able to get some really exciting things happening for the blog, which I am really looking forward to sharing. As the saying goes, hard work pays off!

In todays post I'm wearing my Nike Roshe Run shoes, which are ideal for a week full of running around town, predominately because they are so lightweight and feel as though you're not wearing shoes at all. I've teamed them back with this new Cheap Monday denim jacket I received, that is sure to get a workout this winter, as well as an old pair of jeans I hacked at with a pair of scissors to customise and a simple black t-shirt from Arvust.

Jacket - Cheap Monday
T-shirt - Arvust
Jeans - Vintage/DIY
Shoes - Nike