19 September 2014

Blue Sky + White Sand

The weekend just passed was one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Although I shouldn't have, I pushed aside my studies, packed my bag and headed to Anglesea beach…Considering the time of year, I was pleasantly surprised at how perfect the weather was and thought I should take full advantage of the beautiful scenery and really pamper myself.
I got my hands on the new mens range 'Therapy Man' by NZ company, The Aromatherapy Co and I must say they have really covered the basic needs for men when it comes to skincare. My favourite of the bunch would have to be the shaving cream & the face/body balm, which smells amazing with the scent of Sandalwood & Cypress.
Once relaxed and with university off my mind, I headed down to the beach and shot these images.

Jeans - RES Denim
Boots - Dr. Martens