9 March 2015

Stripes & Long Weekends

If you live in Melbourne like I do, right now you will be sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the last day of your 3 day weekend thanks to that little public holiday gem, Labour Day! The only downside is that the weather is not all that amazing, which is why it was the perfect time for me to dig through my wardrobe and see what winter pieces were hiding in the back. I came across this amazing vertical striped shirt by Cheap Monday, which I have to admit I have not really worn….I think due to the bulkiness. But what I have discovered today is that it looks fantastic open and layered, a little more like a jacket. So my homework for this week is to go back through the mounds of winter apparel and workout whether or not there are older pieces I can still rock, in a different way!

| Shirt - Cheap Monday | Top - Topman | Shoes - Nobody Denim | Shoes - Zara